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LCM Forms New Philosophy Club

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The study of philosophy is one that goes back thousands of years ago, since literary philosophy was introduced in ancient Greece two milienia ago, and is still widely studied and taught by the western world, and the intellectual world as a whole.

The study of thought, ideas and reality are still debated today, and students at LCM do not stray from oppertunities to expand their knowledge. One such student, Christian Adams, took special initiative to start LCM’s new Philosophy Club. After learning about the school’s policy on student clubs or organizations, he undertook the task to get his club started.

“Philosophy club was first a vision that I had one day,” Adams said “A vision where people could both teach and learn from each other in philosophy.”

The club is sponsored by the debate coach Don Vercher and each week the Club finds a philosophical topic to discuss and learn about, this weeks topic being Metaphysics, Ontology, and Epistomology.

“We pick subjects, or come across another one, and explore it with our different reasons, where we aim to understand each and every reasoning a person presents,” Adams said.

The club hopes to expand the general knowledge and opinions on philsophy, while exploring the associated facets of said subject. This will give students a better understanding of thought, culture, and interacting with people as a whole. Those who understand thought will understand people.

“We explore in the pursuit of knowledge in reasoning, but most importantly, Philosophy Club is a place where we can open our minds- our greatest asset in life,” Adams said.

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LCM Forms New Philosophy Club