The Bear Facts



The Bear Facts is published by the newspaper staff of Little Cypress- Mauriceville High School and serves as a medium of communication for its school and community. The Bear Facts has adopted the following policy: Libelous and obscene material, profane or purposely disruptive statements will not appear in the paper. The staff retains the right to choose the content of its stories. Only the staff, its adviser and the administration have the right to review the paper prior to its publication. The Bear Facts will strive to represent the news in an objective manner. The writers will attempt to use fairness, impartiality, accuracy, truthfulness and responsibility in presenting ideas to its readers. Advertising that endorses alcohol, cigarettes or any substance that is not legally available to teenagers will not appear in The Bear Facts. Anyone with a grievance about the Bear Facts may request a meeting with editors and/or the adviser. The Bear Facts will not discriminate against members of any group, be it minority or otherwise, in the amount of coverage. Proper channels will be followed in order to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials. 

Lindsey Fruge is the adviser of The Bear Facts and is currently in her 15th year at LCM High School. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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