Veterans to be Honored on Wednesday

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Veterans to be Honored on Wednesday

Marie Vezina, Writer

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This Wednesday, LCM will host its annual Veterans Day Assembly to honor those who have served in the military. The LCM Choir, directed by teacher Nikki Hanson, will perform The Star Spangled Banner and A Tribute to the Armed Forces.

According to Hanson, the choir has been rehearsing in class and each on their own outside of school. Hanson said that one challenge of this is that all the students have not been able to rehearse together yet.

“The first time we will all sing this together is the warm-up on the day of the performance,” Hanson said.

Senior Monica Daleo has been performing at this assembly for most of her high school career and said that it is depressing to be performing at this for the last time. However, as a senior, she has grown accustomed to singing in front of crowds.

“What I love about performing is how you get so scared before you perform because everyone is staring at you,” Daleo said. “But, when you’re done you feel amazing of what you accomplish.”

Daleo said that the choir normally warms up before a performance by singing the song once and then trying to figure out what went wrong. Then from there, they repeat the song until they get it just right.

She said her choir experience over the past four years has been challenging, but somewhat exciting.

“It can be challenging to learn a brand-new song but also exciting to learn new things you had no idea you knew,” she said.

Daleo and Hanson said they both feel honored to sing before everyone and to support their veterans.

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