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New Sci-fi Show Will Leave You Wanting More

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Outbreak; a word that all medical professionals and people fear to hear. In this Sci-fi television show called Helix, a group of doctors from the CDC discover an outbreak, the likes of which they have never seen, on a scientific research base out in the Arctic.

The doctors race against the clock to contain the virus that takes control of the people living and working on the base; leaving death and destruction in its wake.

In this heart-pounding, suspenseful, science fiction drama the doctors are pushed to their limit as they work to figure out what’s going on at the base.  Tempers flare and secrets are exposed, revealing information about the person in charge, and how he is connected to one of the CDC doctors.

As they try to survive this frightening outbreak they must face a corporation who are also after the virus to use for their own purposes. The doctors and the scientists must work together to keep it out of the hands of the evil conglomeration.

This show will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end, leaving you wanting more. You can watch Helix on the Sci-fi channel on Fridays at 10/9 Central and catch up on the first season on Netflix.


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New Sci-fi Show Will Leave You Wanting More