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“Enders Game” Will Leave Readers Entranced, Entertained

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In “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card, Earth is attacked twice by aliens, forcing the US government to take drastic measures in order to save the planet, even if that means including training young children in the art of war.

In this intense science fiction novel, 6-year old Ender Wiggin is the government’s only hope in stopping the war. For Ender, everything is a test that will either break him or make him into the savior the government needs. Will he succeed in saving the world?

Throughout the novel, Ender is tested both mentally and physically. He is pushed to the limits by Colonel Graff, the person in charge of shaping and training Ender, and is isolated from the rest of the children.

This psychological thriller will leave the reader with a diverse opinion about the divergence of good and evil. People will want more of the phenomenon that is Ender Wiggin.

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“Enders Game” Will Leave Readers Entranced, Entertained