Students, teachers prepare for semester exams


Students and teachers are preparing for semester exams next week.

Camille Kelly, Managing Editor

Semester exams will take place Thursday, Dec. 15 and Friday, Dec 16. All students, including those who are exempt, must check in with their 6th period and 2nd period teachers on each day. Exempt students will be released by principal Ryan DuBose once attendance is taken.

Exemption Forms will be distributed during second period on Monday, Dec. 12 and are due back Dec. 14. All fines and fees must be paid in order to receive an exemption form. The list of students who owe activity fines and fees is posted outside the cafeteria. Students may also want to verify with library, band, athletics, and other organizations, that they have no outstanding fines and/or fees due.

Students who exempt an exam must either leave campus if they have transportation or report to the cafeteria. On Friday, students taking fourth period exams may leave campus at 12:20 or eat lunch and wait to ride the bus home.

Every student has an opportunity to earn eight exemptions per semester. Students may earn exemptions for the following: No tardies in a six-weeks grading period (1 exemption per six-weeks grading period), no absences during accounting period in a six-weeks (1 exemption per six-weeks grading period), no discipline in a semester (two exemptions). Students must be passing any class they wish to exempt.

Any student that has five or more unexcused absences in a semester in any one class will lose all exemptions for the semester and students in DAEP at the time of final exams are not eligible for exemptions.

The schedule for semester exams will be:

Thursday, Dec. 15:

Advisory: 8:05-8:40

6th period: 8:45-10:15 (All students must check in at 8:45.)

5th period: 10:20-11:50

7th period: A lunch 11:50-12:25, Exam 12:30-2:00; B lunch 12:35-1:05, Exam 11:55-12:35 and 1:10-2:00

8th period: 2:05-3:35

Friday, Dec. 16:

2nd period: 8:05-9:05 (All students must check in at 8:05.)

1st period: 9:10-10:10

3rd period: 10:15-11:15

4th period: 11:20-12:20

Lunch: 12:20-12:40

Buses will run at 12:40.