Cosmetology shows off makeup skills

Junior Allie Jo Smith won the “Glow Up” makeup contest with her scarecrow look.

LCM Bear Facts Staff

Students in Kim Quebodeaux’s Cosmetology class recently completed a project that was inspired by the show “Glow Up” on Netflix, where up and coming make-up artists participate in different contests showing off their skills and abilities. Students in the class had to think about their past Halloween costumes and create a look that either made them feel good being dressed up or maybe scared them as a child. They made inspiration boards and used pictures to give them ideas, then they had three hours to complete the look on themselves.

The top three projects were selected and are as follows:

1st place – Allie Jo Smith (Scarecrow)

2nd place – Gracie Adcock (Queen of Hearts)

3rd place (tie) – Avery Odom (Zombie) and Madison LeBert (Butterflies)

“They had a great time,” Levens said. “They all did a really good job!”