Team Force to play PNG in basketball re-match


Photo courtesy of LCM Team Force

Team Force player Miguel Gomez said he loved hearing his fans in the stands cheer him on at last month’s basketball game against PNG.

Kiera Howington and Sarah Howell

Members of LCM Team Force will play the Port Neches-Groves Indians in a basketball game on Tuesday, Dec. 14 at the PNG High School gym. This will be the second time the Bears have played PNG this season, after defeating them at home in November. The game will be played before the varsity game begins. 

Some of the players on the team are proud of themselves for their victory and are very excited for their next game.

“It felt good after we won last time…period,” senior James Tally said. “We showed PNG who is the better team. We are!” 

According to Team Force teacher Kalah Word, the team has been practicing hard. They practice every single day during first period.

It feels good when the support is in the building.

— James Tally

“Seeing them succeed is the best feeling,” Word said. “I am so proud of how hard they have worked.”

At their previous game against PNG, the stands were packed with LCM and PNG supporters. Team Force has shown their gratitude and love toward their fans.

“It feels good when the support is in the building,” Tally said, “If it was not for our fans, we would not have won last time.”

Tally and his teammates said their biggest motivators are their teachers and coaches, and they have learned to not give up. 

“Always keep your head up, and if you miss a basket, try again,” Tally said.  

This week, the Team Force players hope for an even bigger turnout of fans and support in the stands. 

“Please cheer a lot for me,” senior Miguel Gomez said. “They say ‘Go Miguel!’ and that makes me feel good.”

According to Tally, he and his team are ready to face the Indians and get another victory.

“I’m praying that it goes good,” Tally said. “We’re going to take PNG down again!”