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“Frozen” Movie Captures Audiences with Unique Story Line

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When thinking about Disney movies, one usually imagines the princess falling in love with the prince and living their happily ever after together. That is not the case with Frozen, an animated new movie produced by Disney and just released to theaters in November.

Disney takes a new approach to a tale as old as time and brings up new questions. What if the princess doesn’t fall in love with the prince? What if he wasn’t her true love? This twist brings a whole new light to Disney movies and is what makes Frozen a great movie to watch.

The movie doesn’t just focus on the romantic relationship in the movie but the relationship between two sisters. Frozen shows us that true love doesn’t have to be between two people who have fallen in love during the journey, yet another break from the usual plot of Disney movies.

The music involved with the animated movie is another great aspect that makes Frozen so incredible. It is more realistic and relates to the audience when Elsa, one of the main characters, bursts into song about her feelings of isolation.

Frozen pulls you into the story in unthinkable ways. If you watch it once, you’ll want to watch it again. It’s a heartwarming story about love, family, and rising above the struggles in someone’s life. It’s an enjoyable movie that is fun for the whole family.

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“Frozen” Movie Captures Audiences with Unique Story Line