Vet science classes offer students new opportunities



Students in Nicholas Coleman’s vet science classes practice finding a dog vein.

LeAnn Rodgers, Writer

For several years now, LCM has offered students the chance to take Vet Science classes that will help get them on the right track to becoming a veterinarian or veterinary assistant. The Vet Science classes, taught by Nicholas Coleman, focus on learning basic veterinary technology, tools/instruments used in a veterinary practice, how to handle and restrain animals, breeds and anatomy of various animals that could be seen in a veterinary practice, and a wealth of other information.

“The Vet Science program prepares students for a future in Veterinary Medicine by offering them the opportunity to not only learn foundational information that they would need to know if they were to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine, but also valuable hands-on experience with local veterinarians,” Coleman said.

Some students in this program are currently working their way toward taking the CVA (Certified Veterinary Assistant) exam soon and have already started interning at local vet clinics. Junior Aaliyah LeCompte recently started interning at North Orange Animal Hospital and she said the staff there answers her questions patiently and is very interactive with her training. She said she enjoys the hands-on experience and is excited every time she gets to shadow in on surgeries.

“Interacting with the patients and the staff has shown me what really goes on behind the scenes in a vet office,” LeCompte said. “I’m so thankful for this experience and what it will continue to teach me.”

According to Coleman, if he had any advice to offer students interested in the Vet Science program, it would be to start working toward that goal now.

“Securing a clinic to work/intern in can be extremely hard, especially with how busy students are with other extracurricular activities,” Coleman said. “So starting to volunteer on weekends at vet clinics or animal shelters is a great way to get your foot in the door and to make sure that you’ve got a place to intern your senior year. Plus, you’re getting valuable hands-on experience and knowledge way before some of your other classmates.”