Woodshop classes sell flags


Photo courtesy of Matthew Huckaby

The woodshop classes are currently making and selling wooden flags.

Emily Day, Editor

The woodshop classes are currently making and selling wooden Texas flags to raise funds for materials and equipment for future projects as well as to help improve students’ overall experience in Building Trades. According to shop teacher Matthew Huckaby, flags are $50 each and are available on a pre-order basis by email to [email protected]

“The idea for the flag fundraiser pretty much developed on its own,” Huckaby said. “I had decided the flags would be a great project for my students to build and take home. As we were making them several folks would stop by and ask if we were going to make any to sell. I had enough people inquire about buying flags that we decided to offer them to the public. We ended up selling about 200 flags and were able to have all of them ready by the end of the fall semester last year.”

With the project catching more public attention, students must work in small teams efficiently and effectively to complete each order. Flags are made and prepared by second-year shop students. With a few pieces of new needed equipment and block schedule this year, students are able to produce 40-50 flags per week.

“It has really been neat to watch our guys and gals take ownership over this project each year,” Huckaby said. “They work very hard, help each other out, and really do good work. They show up each day ready to see how many we can make or how far we can get in the process day to day. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to teach Building Trades here at LCM and really want it to be a program our students and entire community can be proud of.”