Interact Club attends gala


Jadyn Stack

The Interact Club was invited to attend a local gala run by the Harvest House Ministry. The gala was held on Jan. 21 at the Elegante Hotel in Beaumont to spread knowledge and awareness of the epidemic of child sex trafficking. 

The Interact Club regularly donates and helps the ministry in their mission to provide a fast response for children affected by child sex trafficking. The club officers, sponsors, and a few members were invited to attend the gala and learn more about the organization the club offers aid to. 

 “We feel that it is an overlooked organization,” club sponsor Jill Shugart said. “There is not an awareness of how sex trafficking affects our area.” 

During the gala, the students and sponsors learned about how they may offer more help for not only the organization, but children in need. The Harvest House Ministry offers safe houses and the help of first responders to children who have been affected by sex trafficking. 

“There are only seven safe houses in place that help and not many people think much into it,” sophomore Cami Shugart said. “I didn’t know there were so many people affected by sex trafficking.” 

Speakers for the ministry taught the gala attenders how to recognize potential victims and how to help those who most need it. The gala included speakers spreading awareness, an atmosphere of helpful and supportive people, and an auction to raise money for the ministry. 

“My biggest takeaway from the gala was how many people are trying to help out and how much more help is needed,” junior Lizzie De La Fuente said. “The idea of bringing people together to support and give was the best part of the gala. It‘s nice to see others being nice.