Tattoos, piercings are art


There are many people today who believe that having tattoos, piercings, or both will lower your chances of getting a job or your chances of being taken seriously. Many have even spoken out about how “trashy” it may be.

Though the population of heavily tattooed and pierced people is increasing in today’s society, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Tattoos, if done correctly and created by a professional artist, are absolutely amazing. Being full of many vibrant colors and very delicately crafted, tattoos should be viewed as an art.

Yes, there are some people with tattoos who fit the negative stereotype, but that does not mean that there are not respectable people who do what they are supposed to do and still have tattoos. In fact, there are many wonderful, brilliant people who happen to have tattoos. If there is a problem with the tattoos being visible such as during an interview, there are many simple ways to cover them up.

Piercings are very simple to take care of, if needed. Not only can you cover them up if they are too visibly seen, but people can easily take the piercing out. If the piercing is a distraction in  a workplace, or school, if taking it out is not an option, you can tear a piece of a band aid off and cover it, or get a clear or smaller piercing if it is an option.

Piercings can be beautiful and everyone has a right to choose what is worn on his or her body. There is no reason to view piercings as trashy just because it’s “against your religion” or because the look of it does not appeal to you. People have their own bodies for a reason and for someone to judge them for the choices they decided to make for their happiness is pointless, rude, and immature.

Tattoos and piercings do not harm anyone and they actually look good. Nine times out of ten, the person calling someone out on their body art creates more of a scene and draws more attention to the situation than the person who was going on about their day before being stopped.

All in all, tattoos and piercings are not a public distraction or problem, but if there are circumstances where they need to be covered or removed – that can easily be done. Showing rudeness or judgment toward those with tattoos or piercings is just unprofessional and immature, and is never the solution.