Cross country runners focus on season

Elaina Forester, Writer

The 2019-2020 cross country season has taken off to a winning start. The team has taken home numerous ribbons, proving that their hard work in practice gives them an edge in meets against other teams. They are prepared to continue fighting for their place in every race and are determined to maintain a winning record.  

In order to improve from last season, practices have become more difficult. This has been done in an effort to better the runners’ ability to power through challenging courses.  

“This season compared to the season prior has been tougher, but that has pushed us as a team to work harder,” junior Chase Fisher said. “It helps us prove ourselves on the course.”  

Although every new course comes with its own challenge, there are often bigger problems the runners are faced with. 

“The biggest struggle the team has faced is not having enough people willing to run and put forth effort,” freshman Belle Fisher said. “Since nobody wants to run, we don’t have enough for a whole team.”  

Before meets, the runners stay together to better prepare as a team and calm any nervous feelings.  

“We stretch together before every meet,” Chase Fisher said. “We also make sure to walk the course together as a team.”   

Although winning is a crucial part of every race, the runners ponder the life-changing aspect of cross country as well.  

“Cross country has kept me fit and healthy,” Belle said. “It’s also made me a more dedicated person in all things.”