Girls soccer finishes season as Co-District Champs


Darian Simmons

Junior Jayce Doyle and the Lady Bears finished first in district.

Autumn Rendall, Writer

After finishing the season with a 7-1 district record and a Co-District Champions title, the Lady Bear Soccer team is headed to the first round of playoffs. The team will have their first playoff game during the first week after spring break and the Lady Bears do not plan on breaking their winning spirit any time soon.

“We will have workouts all over Spring Break,” senior player Hallie Stack said. “When we get back to school we will have practice all week leading up to the game.”

With this high level of motivation, the girls have met many goals set for themselves so far and have become a better team because of it. Stack believes that since the beginning of the season, the players have grown not just as fellow soccer players, but as a family too.

“We started off doing pretty well,” Stack said. “As a senior, I was pretty excited. Throughout the season, we’ve grown closer on and off the field, which helps us connect in the game.”

With intense practicing, non-stop perseverance, and a similar mindset for victory, the team has grown into an unstoppable force. Before some games, the entire team wears a reminder on their wrist with a motivational quote. One week, for example, their quote of choice was: “strong alone, unstoppable together.”

“It feels great to know our hard work has paid off through all of the practice and conditioning we do,” junior Mayra Hernandez said.

This is just one example of the strong team spirit of the Lady Bears. Some other favorite memories and traditions of the players happen before the ladies take the field.

“My favorite memories are before the games,” Hernandez said. “Palmer always gives us a pep talk through song or rhymes.”

To any player, coach, or fan of the team, it is clear how much work has gone into the Lady Bears’ season. The girls put in hours of practice and preparation every week and are very excited to see their dedication pay off.

“It feels great,” Stack said about winning first place in district. “We’ve advanced the last two years but this year we have a higher seed (placement) than the other two.”

The Lady Bears are going into this new chapter of their season with high spirits and full hearts, and they plan on giving their fans a first playoff game to remember.

“I expect us to put it all on the field,” Hernandez said. “Win or lose I, know we’ll try our best.”