Grizzly Crew boosts school spirit


Karly Rogers

Matthew Erb, Kelsey Dyson and Jackson Baeza entertain the crowd on Friday night.

Emily Glover, Author

Friday night lights at LCM are always full of excitement, cheering, and green and gold. Thanks to the Grizzly Crew, the student body knows just how to show their school spirit.

The members of Grizzly Crew, whose purpose is to keep the football fans hyped during games, include: senior Jordan Garcia, freshman Matthew Erb, sophomore Jackson Baeza and sophomore Kelsey Dyson. All four students have been enthusiastic in showing the student body how to represent and root for their team. With no need for rehearsing, they go out on the sidelines every Friday night and see what is necessary to get the crowd pumped.

“My favorite part about Friday night football games is the spirit and the amount of people that care and cheer, whether we are winning or losing,” Baeza said.

Baeza is also very much involved in other programs LCM offers. He runs and competes on the cross country and track teams, is a member of the soccer team, and also actively participates in Student Council and UIL. Baeza said he was inspired by Shelby Pinner, his older brother and former Grizzly Crew member, to join.

According to Baeza, he is planning to improve school spirit by being more invested and interactive with the people in the student section.

“Students should have school spirit because it is fun,” he said. “It is great to be involved and love the school you attend. There is nothing quite like going to football or volleyball games and feeling included in it all.”

Students should have school spirit because it is fun.”

— Jackson Baeza, sophomore

With the help of friends and music, students can always guarantee that Matthew Erb will be hyped before coming out in front of everyone at a game. Erb said the thing he loves most about LCM’s Friday night football games is, without a doubt, the Battlin’ Bear Band. Even though this is just his first year as a Crew member, Erb is loving every minute.

“I joined the Grizzly Crew because I just love being out there and getting people to come out of their shells,” Erb said. “I thought this would be a great opportunity to do that.”

Erb said he believes students should have school spirit to support their own team and have tons of fun while doing so. He encourages the student body to honor and value their school and team.

“I want to show students in the student section that no one is ‘too cool’ or ‘too old’ to show spirit for your school,” Erb said. “Plus, if you have the mindset that you’re going to have fun, you will!”