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“Ex Machina” is Lukewarm at Best

Jeffrey Holland, Ad Manager

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I recently saw the new feature “Ex Machina”, an ambitious science fiction endeavor approaching the questions of artificial intelligence and information.

Essentially, a company reflecting the real world search engine and Google company, called Bluebook, has built a robot that may in fact be artificially intelligent. The company chooses an employee to perform the “turing test” through which will prove that the hot robot is incredibly smart and self aware.

This thing was a mess. A hot mess, a hot well-budgeted mess. It was pleasing to my eyes. Everything was as smooth as butter.

We have Alicia Vikander playing the hot bot, and that stuff is pretty creepy. She, to be perfectly honest, didn’t get enough screen time. The stiff Domnhall Gleeson got all the picture and his acting may have been the reason I didn’t like this movie.

Oscar Isaac plays Nathan, the inventor of bluebook and the maker of Ava, the hot bot. I can’t say much about him other than that he was just an odd character. Mr. Isaac if you’re reading this, you’re good. We’re good. I’d love to dance sometime.

As far as the writing? Well… The script was lukewarm at best. It wasn’t planned out very well. It felt like there had been major revisions to it over the course of it’s production because overall, it felt like the movie was written from the middle, and then outwards. The plot focused in towards the middle, and the “twist” was really just a lame shock gag.

So this was just a lukewarm venture into sci-fi horror. It’s certainly not BladeRunner, and it won’t be the next 2001, so I give it a 4/10.

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Jeffrey Holland, Ad Manager

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“Ex Machina” is Lukewarm at Best