Bear of the Week: Raymond Arrington


Sophomore Raymond Arrington won the Regional Championship in Computer Science.

Gabrielle Moore, Writer

On Saturday, April 22 sophomore Raymond Arrington competed in Computer Science at Stephen F. Austin State University for the UIL Regional competition. Arrington received a perfect score on the Computer Science test and claimed the title of Regional Champion.

“One of my greatest accomplishments was when I made a perfect score on the Computer Science test at Regionals,” Arrington said. “I felt very proud of myself.”

Arrington is part of the honors classes and is involved in Computer Science inside and outside of school.

“Computer Science is my favorite class this year,” Arrington said. “Mr. Morris is the best teacher I have ever had.” 

According to Arrington, after graduation he plans to attend college while interning at a tech company because he enjoys programming and being able to create new fun programs on the computer.

“I enjoy exploring the possibilities of programming,” Arrington said. “I also enjoy creating fun programs that show my interest in that particular subject.”

According to Computer Science teacher and UIL coach, Terry Morris, Arrington is a hard-working student and teammate.

Raymond is one of the hardest workers I have ever had the privilege to coach,” Morris said. “He is a great student as well as a great teammate. He makes the people around him better and always strives to improve. I am excited to see what he will accomplish.”

Arrington said that doing well in UIL and keeping his grades up is what motivates him. According to Arrington, someone he looks up to is former LCM student Derrick Martin.

“My biggest inspiration is Derrick Martin,” Arrington said. “He was a member of the Computer Science UIL team who won State in 2019. He was very good at programming. He now works at Amazon for an annual salary of $135,000.”

Arrington’s favorite quote is by software developer Martin Fowler: “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand, but good programmers write code that humans can understand.” 

According to Arrington, he is very thankful to everyone who has helped him get so far on his Computer Science dreams.

“I appreciate that I was selected to be Co-Bear of the Week,” Arrington said. “I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me get to this point in my life.”