Bear of the Week: Dinah Tippins


Freshman Dinah Tippins broke the school record in the 200-meter dash a total of three times this track season.

Marshall S. Braus, Sports Editor

Freshman Dinah Tippins is a member of the Lady Bear Track team. This season, she made history by breaking two school records. She broke the school record in the 200-meter dash with a time of 25.56 seconds, and she also broke the record in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.46 seconds.

Some of Tippins’ favorite hobbies are sports and online shopping. Her goals for the future include finishing school with good grades and winning Regionals in track.

Her biggest inspiration is every person who actually puts the time and work in and takes things seriously. Her favorite quote is, “The will to win means nothing if you haven’t the will to prepare.”

“You can’t just show up to a track meet or a game and expect to win without putting in the work,” Tippins said.

Tippins is motivated by track coach Becca Peveto, athletic director Eric Peevey, and her teammates.

“They push me past my limit and keep my energy high and ready,” she said.

According to girls track coach Becca Peveto, she genuinely feels honored to have the privilege of coaching Tippins.

“Not only have I been blessed to watch her break multiple personal and school records, I have also witnessed the positive impact she she has had on her teammates, as well as myself,” Peveto said. “Her confidence is contagious, her work ethic is unmatched, and she exemplifies ALL that a coach aspires in a student-athlete. This girl is definitely something special, and I’m so grateful to be by her side as she continues to make history here at LCM. Dinah is truly a gem, and a perfect representation for Bear of the Week.”