Powerlifters compete at Regionals

Savannah Crabtree, Editor

The boys and girls powerlifting teams recently finished their season after sending several lifters to the Regional Meet. A lifter can qualify for the Regional meet by placing 12th or better in their weight class within the region.

According to coach Frank Snoddy, he is proud of how much the program has grown.

“A big goal for this year was to expand the program on both the girls’ and boys’ team,” Snoddy said. “Both of those goals were accomplished, being able to have two full teams and a few extra lifters lifting each week.”

This year, the boys’ team was able to win every local meet they competed in as a team. The girls’ team also had a record amount of people to qualify for Regionals, as well as having a substantial number of newcomers and freshmen lifters. 

Snoddy said training for powerlifting is a full year process, while actual powerlifting is the culmination of the year’s worth of training. 

“A lifter has to be confident in what you are doing,” Snoddy said. “At the end of the day, it is the lifter versus the bar, and you have to attack the bar and be confident you will lift the weight.” 

According to Snoddy, his favorite part of coaching is sharing his passion for powerlifting with his students.

“I always say, ‘I’ve never had a lifter, that I’ve convinced to give lifting in a meet a try, that hasn’t really enjoyed it.'”

The following girls competed at Regionals: Sachi Perry – 6th place, Kiara Walsten – 7th place, Cassandra Neville – 9th place, Alasia Allen – 10th place, Gracelynn Smith – 10th place, Keely Parsons – 15th place, Isabella Nicholas – 15th place, Haylee Lebouef – 16th place, Alexis Chisum – 16th place, Carley Portie – 16th place

The following boys competed at Regionals: Carson Phelps – 6th place, Peyton Welch – 6th place, Dustin Helm – 7th place, Jan Nazario – 9th place, David Daleo – 11th place, Austin Hutchison – 11th place