Take it to the net

Senior is all-time leading scorer


Bailee Rogers

Senior Ben Elliott recently made school history.

Gabrielle Moore, Writer

Last month, senior Ben Elliott went down in history as LCM Basketball’s all-time leading scorer. It took Elliott one final shot to beat the previous school record, but years of dedication and preparation to be the one to break it.  

In the district game against the Vidor Pirates, Elliott claimed the spot of all-time leading scorer with a record-breaking total of 2,000 points accumulated throughout his high school career. However, Elliott’s basketball journey began in elementary school and will continue throughout college.  

“I started playing basketball in third grade P.E.,” Elliott said. “I’ve always loved anything that involved a basketball. I definitely want to to play in college, I’m just not sure where yet.” 

According to Elliott, his role on the team extends beyond the court and his years of experience as a varsity basketball player allow him to be there for his teammates during the game and on a personal level. 

“I play shooting guard, but I am also kind of like the big brother of the team,” Elliott said. “I’ve been on the varsity team since I was 16; my teammates know I am experienced and I’m always there if they need me.” 

Elliott said that his favorite part of basketball is playing with his teammates and watching everyone improve. 

“My favorite part about basketball is that I get to play with my friends,” Elliott said. “I also enjoy getting to watch them grow as basketball players.” 

According to Elliott, he follows a strict regimen on game days that includes a nutritious breakfast, music to pump him up, and talking to his biggest inspiration, Elliot’s dad, right before the game. 

“On game day I always make sure I eat a good breakfast early that morning,” Elliott said. “Throughout the day I listen to music to hype me up, and then before the game I speak to my father to get locked in. My father is my biggest inspiration. He’s always pushed me to do my best and try hard no matter the outcome. He’s pushing me to be my best version of me and I couldn’t thank him enough.” 

Elliott said one of his aspirations going into this season was to beat the previous record and become the school’s all-time leading scorer, but he attributes his success to the help of his teammates. 

“One of my goals going into the season was to become the all-time leading scorer,” Elliott said. “It feels great to have achieved something that has always been a goal of mine, but I wouldn’t have been able to become the all-time leading scorer if it wasn’t for my teammates of the past four years, who continuously put their trust in me to make the shots.”