Working for a revival

Faith-based organization builds membership

Students in Bear Believers meet before school to study the Bible and fellowship together.

Rayna Christy, Managing Editor

There are many different groups around campus, all centered around different subjects and beliefs. One of these groups, called Bear Believers, is centered around the Christian faith and the spread of the gospel through the community. 

“Bear Believers is a club devoted to God and making Him known,” senior president Bailee Rogers said. “We want to see a revival start in our school that grows to affect the whole world. This group is full of expectancy and hope for the things that God is doing and going to do.” 

Bear Believers is a student-led organization sponsored by culinary arts teacher Rochelle Briggs. Officers lead the meetings, and these officers include Rogers, Mariah Ammons, Hallie Maddox, Mallory Dollar, Amy Boaz, and Gabrielle Moore.  

“The officers lead small groups, cover for me while I’m gone, or take on specific tasks I ask them to do,” Rogers said. “We’ve got some awesome officers this year that so evidently love God and people.” 

This love that the officers hold helps them to work towards their goals. Whether it be through meetings or any other means of spreading the gospel, they hope to bring others to the gospel. 

“My goal for the club is for others to come to know Jesus, to find family and fellowship,” Rogers said. “My hope is for people to learn more about God and who He is.” 

They work to accomplish this goal through holding meetings every Wednesday morning at 7:30, with worship, guest speakers, and different sorts of activities. Alongside these, they also have held revivals after school, called Fields of Faith. 

A vivid memory I have from Bear Believers is stepping back and looking out at everyone worshiping at Field of Faith,” Rogers said. “Seeing everyone with their hands lifted, singing the songs, exalting the name of Jesus, fills my heart and I will always remember it.”