Bear of the Week: Audrey Bonnette


Senior Audrey Bonnette is in color guard and loves her engineering class.

Gabrielle Moore, Writer

Senior Audrey Bonnette is involved in many things inside and outside of school. She is a member of National Honor Society, Color Guard and Winter Guard and is very active within her church. She loves hanging out with her family and friends, reading, and hunting.  

“I really enjoy activities with my family,” Bonnette said. “I also love doing guard, I’m always learning new tosses. I also really enjoy reading and hanging out with friends. Hunting is probably my favorite hobby. I’m a big hunter. Most people don’t think I would be a hunter, but I am a determined hunter, and it’s my favorite outfit.” 

Bonnette’s favorite class is engineering, and she aspires to be an environmental engineer. 

“My favorite class this year in engineering,” Bonnette said. “It has always been my favorite class, and my favorite teacher, Mr. Collier, teaches it. My goal is to become an environmental engineer.” 

A quote she tries to live by is, “A job worth doing, is a job worth doing right.” Her biggest inspiration is her father. According to Bonnette, he is strong, determined, and sacrifices for his family. 

“He is a very strong and determined individual,” Bonnette said of her father. “He sacrifices so much just to make his family happy. He is always busy when I see him. He is either doing his job, working on homework, or fixing something.” 

Her siblings continuously motivate her. Bonnette said her brothers are amazing, and she wants to be the best role model for her sister. 

“My brothers motivate me because they are so smart and overall amazing people,” Bonnette said. “They make me want to be like them. My little sister motivates me because she looks up to me, and I want to be the best role model I can be for her.” 

According to Bonnette, she is proud of herself for so many things, including her progression in school despite her dyslexia. 

“I made it into National Honor Society, and I’ve traveled to many places,” she said. “I am proud of how long I’ve been in guard and how well I’m doing. I build things outside of school that are used often. Lastly, the thing I am most proud of is that I have made it this far in school with problems. We didn’t know my problems were dyslexia and Irlen syndrome until 8th grade, but it’s usually diagnosed in third grade.” 

Bonnette said she is grateful for her family and friends who support her. 

“I am very thankful for all of my teachers,” Bonnette said. “They have helped me with all of my schoolwork throughout the years. All my love goes out to my wonderfully supportive family.” 

According to Bonnette’s engineering teacher, Jeff Collier, she is a positive and dedicated student that supports her classmates and pushes herself. 

“Audrey is a wonderful young lady, always smiling and positive,” Collier said. “She consistently challenges herself through tough courses, and finds success through hard work and dedication, while still making time to help struggling classmates.”