Team Force gears up for holiday season


Photo courtesy of Team Force

Team Force students are excited about celebrating the holiday season. They recently decorated their class tree and went Secret Santa shopping.

As the holiday season is approaching, Team Force is eager to celebrate. This month, they will be attending an annual sock hop held at Lumberton High School, along with Orangefield, Bridge City, and West Orange-Stark to meet with friends and start the Christmas season off right.

A sock hop is an event typically held in a gymnasium or cafeteria with dancing and music. The students will attend the sock hop with a Meet in the Middle partner, which is a program that allows high school students to interact and spend time with Team Force.

“It’s nice to see schools together and interact with each other,” senior James Tally said. “I’m a ladies man.”

This month, Team Force is also participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange.

“You make a list first, then you draw names, then we go shopping,” Tally said. “Then we wrap them up and put them under the Christmas tree. Then we pass it out on the day to open gifts. It’s giving and receiving – am I right?”

The Team Force students also love Jingle Jack, their Christmas elf who sends them letters every day. He is there to remind them to not be naughty, and he also brings them Christmas cheer.

“He gives Santa the good news or the bad news,” Tally said.

According to Team Force teacher Carlie Fults, she loves being able to work with these students on a daily basis.

“This is definitely my dream job,” Fults said. “I still get butterflies every time I walk in the door because it’s just fun. I’m excited to come back the next day, every day.”

Along with Fults, Tally and his friends Miguel Gomez and Steven Simpson have been enjoying this school year. Tally said he is very close with a few of his fellow classmates and has even made sure to appreciate his parents who have helped him get to where he is now.

“I always need my friends to lift me up,” Tally said. “My mom is proud of me for what I am. Thanks to my mom and dad, I wouldn’t be here.”