One stitch at a time

Senior makes all costumes for theatre production


Kiera Howington

Senior Allison Mai was responsible for making all the costumes for the Bear Stage Players’ most recent production.

Kiera Howington, Writer

Senior Allison Mai has recently become the head of costume making for the Bear Stage Players, marking her first year in theatre production. She has jumped headfirst into her costume-making position, having been interested in fashion and costume creation since middle school. She would often watch YouTube videos to teach herself how to sew by hand.  

“Sewing and creating costumes was my way of expressing my creative freedom and working with my hands as a young child,” Mai said.  

This year’s fall production of “Puffs,” written by Matt Cox, was Allison’s first ever live theatre production, where she was tasked with creating all 50 characters’ costumes. Over the past few months, she has purchased, designed, or made all costumes for the Bear Stage Players.  

Mai has loved the theater experience so far. She has described the troupe members as “family” because they get along and get things done as a team.

“The process was very stressful but with the help of organization skills and teamwork, I managed to accomplish it all,” Mai said. “In the end, it was incredibly worth the work.”

Theatre has been an inspiration for Mai’s future career, which is starting a handbag business. She loves a variety of bags; ranging from school backpacks to high-end shoulder bags. She takes fashion inspiration from several designers, but mainly French fashion designer, Theirry Mugler. 

Mai’s creativity and wild imagination has led her to do one of the most difficult tasks in live theatre, but she was able to succeed with style. 

“Knowing that I was responsible for creating so many costumes is something I am really proud of,” Mai said. “It was so challenging and there were times I wasn’t sure if I could get it done, but it was so worth it in the end.”