‘Puffs’ to take the stage soon


Cole Watson, Kiera Howington, Bryn Parry, and Camille Kelly rehearse a scene from the upcoming production of “Puffs.”

Camille Kelly, Managing Editor

The Bear Stage Players have been devotedly working to bring the production “Puffs,” a play by Matt Cox based on the Harry Potter series, to the stage. “Puffs” is a tale of a band of heroic underdogs, the Hufflepuffs, and their many adventures and losses at the “Certain School of Magic and Magic” during the time of Harry Potter. Show dates are Nov. 10-12 in the auditorium and tickets are $5. 

“I’m so stinking proud of this cast and crew,” director Ashley Dennison said. “They have risen to the challenge, and I think a lot of people are going to be impressed. Please come out and support our students!”  

The show consists of over 50 characters who are played by 20 actors, as well as 150 props, 200 sound cues, and 100 light cues. Dennison hopes that the audience has a truly immersive experience, and feels that they are a part of the story. 

“I chose this show because it is such a challenge for our students,” Dennison said. “It is the largest show we have ever put together. The show is literally MAGIC on the stage!” 

Dennison explains that the rehearsal process has been incredibly smooth. The kids blocked the entire show in an impressively short amount of time.   

This show is a perfect fit for this troupe.

“Comedy is incredibly hard to perform,” Dennison said. “These kids work HARD. They are seriously the hardest working students I know—their hard work pays off on stage and it is entertaining!” 

The Troupe’s main goal is to raise enough money to purchase a new lightboard. The current lightboard is outdated and Dennison states that she has a personal goal of providing students with quality education and equipment. The Players will gladly always accept donations through sponsorships, basic donations, etc.  

“Our mission statement as a district is to provide career-ready students,” Dennison said. “In order to make sure our students are career ready, we need to make sure we have facilities that are industry standard so that our students are ready for their future careers in design, performance arts and/or engineering.”  

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“I am blown away by the choices students have made and the ownership they have taken in making this show their own,” Dennison said. “This show is a perfect fit for this troupe because we are the Puffs! We are kind oddballs who make a difference at our school – whether anyone else recognizes it or not.”