Staying busy

Sophomore juggles multiple activities


Sophomore Kiera Howington keeps a busy schedule.

Kiera Howington, Writer

As a sophomore in high school, I am an extremely busy student. I started filling up my schedule when I was around nine years old. I have tried almost every sport; I have danced , played three different instruments, and I started theatre about five years ago and I have been involved ever since. Having “down time” has never been in my schedule.

Out of all the activities I have tried, the only one that stuck with me was theatre. I started off small with community theatre at Orange Community Players (OCP) where I did kids’ productions for three years. I took some time off during the beginning of Covid because I thought I was done with theatre.

In May 2020, I decided to audition for a show at Port Arthur Little Theater (PALT). The people at Port Arthur roped me into many activities around the theatre, including the Junior Board of Directors. The Junior Board oversees kids’ camps over the summer, kids’ Christmas shows, and volunteers for many public events.  

Theatre keeps me busy, however it is not all that I am involved in. I am only a sophomore, but I always love a challenge. I consistently try my hardest to do the best that I can. I have always excelled in school and I plan on graduating a year early. Should everything go according to plan, I will be even busier than I currently am. I will be taking lots of hard classes along with continuing theatre.

Staying busy keeps me healthy – both mentally and physically. The burden of taking on so much seems like a lot sometimes, but in the end it is always worth it because of how much I learn and grow.