A legacy continues

Receptionist, former teacher reflects on years at LCM


Receptionist Tana Thompson and her family have a long history with the LCM district.

Savannah Crabtree, Editor

Tana Thompson is a face that generations of LCM students and alumni recognize, whether it be as a friendly face sitting behind a receptionist desk, a teacher of technology, or a sponsor for the cheerleaders. She has been a part of the district for countless years, following her father’s legacy and creating one of her own. 

Thompson’s father, Robert E. “Ted” Miller, left an enormous impact on all campuses of LCM. He was the head football coach and athletic director, and then he later became the principal of Little Cypress Elementary, where he worked for over 30 years. The campus was later dedicated to him because of his many years of service to the school. 

“He had a very successful coaching career and loved coaching more than anything,” Thompson said about her father. “I know both from what I have been told by those he taught and coached and from my own observations that he gave his heart and soul to his students, players, and staff. He was a nurturer and leader and such an inspiration to our family and to all those he came in contact with.” 

Thompson attended LCM schools all the way through her senior year and was an outgoing student in high school. She played basketball, twirled, and was a cheerleader. Additionally, she was involved in a multitude of other activities, including Student Council, National Honor Society. She was also a class officer and was selected as both football sweetheart and Golden Bear her senior year. 

Thompson graduated from LCM in 1980. A few years later, she knew that she wanted to become a teacher and could not imagine working at any other place besides her hometown. This decision marked the beginning of her career as a technology teacher, where she enjoyed her time in the classroom. The class was enjoyable for her because she had fun learning about all the new technology, computer advances, updates, and software. 

“By being a technology teacher, my curriculum was constantly changing to keep up with all of the technology advances and updates in the industry,” Thompson said. “I really liked how it kept me up to date and my students also enjoyed learning all aspects of technology.” 

I stuck around LCM for so long because I love this district.

Thompson taught technology for over 24 years at the high school before she retired and made the transition to becoming the receptionist at the high school. For her, the best parts of teaching were the students and her fellow coworkers. 

“Teaching is such a rewarding career, and I will never forget all the wonderful memories that were made,” Thompson said. “The students were the reason I loved my job so much.” 

According to Thompson, she loves the spirit and traditions at LCM that have been built over the years. 

“I stuck around LCM for so long because I love this district,” Thompson said. “The community, co-workers, administration, staff and students are all amazing. I will always bleed green! It is a great place to live and teach.” 

Thompson is married to her husband, Tommy, and has three daughters: Tayler Leggett, Tiffani Wilson, and Tara Guidry. In addition, she has three grandchildren: Ansley, Miller, and Brady, who will all attend LCM schools. 

Her favorite part of being a Bear is being part of an amazing LCM family.

“I have been honored and blessed to be a part of this wonderful school district for my entire life, both as a student and an educator,” Thompson said. “I am so lucky to have had thousands of amazing students over the years and to be a member of the LCM Bear Family. Once a Bear, always a Bear!”