Defining a hero


Junior Camille Kelly

Camille Kelly, Managing Editor

What makes a person a hero? Everyone has a role model who they look up to and imitate, whether they be a modern influencer in the media, or an impactful historical figure. Due to social media, our impressionable society is constantly being influenced by other’s actions and opinions. The true heroes of society, however, are not those admired for their wealth, style, or politics. The real people we should set as role models are those who stand out, not in the tabloids, but because of their character and work ethic.  

In this generation, public opinion is commonly influenced the most by a person’s popularity or status. People who stand out on social media, whether that be in a positive or negative way, always manage to capture the attention of their wide-eyed audience. However, the issue arises when we have so many people who try to imitate these people to gain attention for themselves. Often, rather than thinking of the importance or consequences of their actions, people only think of how great a reaction they can inspire.  

Society has become extremely shallow now that it is unnecessary to form your own opinions. I mean, why would you research something for yourself when you could simply blindly believe what someone on social media tells you? Because of course, rich people and popular celebrities are the most well-educated people out there when it comes to politics. Unless we start to educate ourselves and investigate the facts before we spread our opinions, issues in society will only be debated over, but never solved.  

We should not admire people because of their reputation, status, or public opinions. We should imitate the people we admire for their honorable actions and moral character. The heroes we should value are not the public figures who make a scene, but our personal heroes who make an effort.  

Whether it be the hard-working mom who did her best to provide for a brighter future for you and your siblings, your best friend who you admire for their compassion and thoughtfulness, or your 2nd grade teacher who didn’t give up on you when you were struggling to learn to read; real heroes are those whose character is greater than their status.  

A hero is not someone you see with their face pasted on a flashy magazine. A hero is someone who does what’s right – without expecting recognition.