Crossing new borders

Foreign exchange student enjoys time in America


Miranda Keltz

Foreign exchange student Luis Fernandez Vidal hopes to enjoy his time in America.

Gabrielle Moore, Writer

Moving to a new neighborhood can be intimidating, but imagine moving to a whole new country. This daunting fantasy has become a reality for junior exchange student Luis Fernandez Vidal. According to Fernandez, there are many differences between America and Spain, and Spain’s natural beauty is unmatched.  

“In Spain, the weather is quite similar to the weather here,” Fernandez said. “It’s so comfortable to live in Spain due to our amazing natural beauty, our food, and of course our warm weather. In Spain we don’t have to drive that much because we have less roads. Schools are also completely different. There are also lots of forests and swamps here.” 

The Foreign Exchange Program allows students to travel to new countries and immerse themselves in new culture, foods, traditions, and religions. For Fernandez, this program was a chance to experience an unfamiliar lifestyle. 

“In the Exchange Program you pay an amount of money and complete information about yourself and the type of family you want,” Fernandez said. “After a few months, the program calls you and lets you know that you have a family. Then you travel to the location you are placed in, and you stay with your host family for the school year. For me, becoming a foreign exchange student was a great opportunity to learn about American Culture and become more independent in a foreign country.” 

Fernandez is involved in athletics and has really enjoyed the upbeat and spirited pep rallies here at the high school. 

“I am involved in soccer, and I’m on the varsity boys soccer team,” Fernandez said. “I am most excited for soccer season, but my favorite part about this year has been the pep rallies. The pep rallies are super exciting and it helps the school have more pride and trust in their sports team.” 

According to Fernandez, his favorite thing to do in Spain are visit with his friends and family. He also has a dog at home who he misses very much. 

“My favorite thing to do at home is meet with my friends and hang out,” Fernandez said. “I hope I will still be able to do that when I get back home. The things I miss most about Spain is my dog, my family, and my friends. Being away from the people you love is really tough and painful.” 

Fernandez has hopes for a great school year, and that his peers will enjoy having him here in America. 

“I just want to have an amazing school year for my first time in America,” Fernandez said. “I hope everyone will enjoy having me at school.”