Students reflect on beginning of school year


Miranda Keltz

A group of seniors enjoys lunch, as their final year of high school begins.

Alex Bridges, Writer

Senior year and freshman year are two totally different experiences in the same place. Both years are important milestones in a high school student’s life, while the expectations of high school are just beginning or ending. For freshmen, it’s a stepping stone into the responsibilities they are starting to have to grow into as the seniors face adulthood.  

“I have different traditions, more confidence, and completely different friends,” senior Bailee Rogers said. “I still get dropped off and picked up, same as freshman year.”

There will be differences as the seniors grow, but they still will have some things in common with the freshman they used to be.  

The two grades are already vastly different but overall, they have some similarities. Everyone is nervous about going to school for the first day and moving through the crowded halls trying to find the classes they will be in for the rest of the year. Though for seniors, there is a sense of excitement walking through the hallway knowing it is the last first day.  

“Freshman year I was anxious, not knowing where my classes were going to be,” senior Slade Miller said. “This year I was much more confident, and I knew a bit better where my classes would be.”

As seniors, they understand how the classes are grouped around, but for freshmen, they are not quite used to classes being spread out yet.  

Many freshmen are excited to get done with school and get through their last four years while the seniors are enjoying the last year they have left. There is an anxious but happy feeling knowing that soon the seniors will be out in the world. The freshman do not feel the anxiety of being grown up yet, they just look forward to being able to do their own thing.  

“School so far this year has been good,” freshman Madison Hudnall said. “It was confusing at first but eventually we’ll get the hang of it.”