Triple threat

Freshman excels in varsity sports


Miranda Keltz

Freshman Taylor Bull played and excelled in cross country, varsity soccer, and track.

Rayna Christy, Writer

When it comes to running the extra mile, freshman Taylor Bull is an expert. Three different varsity teams are already in her lineup, and the race has just begun.

“I’ve played soccer for 10 years, since I was five years old,” Bull said. “I’ve also ran track for three years, since I was in 7th grade. Although I’ve only ran cross country for one year, after getting to run with the team and experience it all made me want to do it all over again.”

Balancing three sports can sometimes pose difficulties, according to Bull. However, she works through it to continue her athletic career.

“There are times when it gets exhausting after a week of sports, but my true love for it all keeps me going,” Bull said. “My drive to compete never lets me quit, and I find it all so enjoyable.”

A big part of continuing in athletics is finding motivation. Bull attributes her motivation to her competitive spirit.

“Competition and having the opportunity to win motivates me to try my hardest in athletics,” Bull said. “I’m a very competitive athlete, and getting to work hard for my coaches and peers motivates me to do so.”

Motivation also comes with its counterpart, inspiration. In order to have found motivation, Bull had to have first been inspired to start the sports.

“There have been many inspirations in my life to play sports,” Bull said. “The majority of my inspiration came from my club soccer coach. He’s coached me since I was seven, and I’ve always wanted to succeed and be like him.”

I expect myself to be a team player and do my best to help my teammates succeed.

As a player, Bull has certain expectations she holds herself to. Those expectations differ slightly when she thinks of herself as a teammate.

“When participating in sports, there are many expectations I hold myself to as a player and a teammate,” Bull said. “As a player, I always set goals and make sure I’m showing improvement, whether it’s scoring a certain amount of goals in a game, gaining a new skill, or setting a personal record in a track meet. But, as a teammate, I expect myself to be a team player and do my best to help my teammates succeed.”

Lastly, her athletic career has not went without support. Her greatest supporter, according to Bull, is someone very close to her.

“I would say my mom is my biggest supporter,” Bull said. “She supports me in everything I do, whether it’s being there for me at all events, making sure I have everything I need, or getting me where I need to be. She pushes me as a student and an athlete, and always wants the best version of me.”