The legacy we leave behind

Sophomore reflects on lessons learned from seniors


Staff writer Camille Kelly shares what she will miss the most about this year’s LCM Bear Facts seniors. Pictured from left to right are sophomore Rayna Christy, senior LeAnn Rodgers, senior Elaina Forester, and sophomore Camille Kelly.

Camille Kelly, Writer

Year after year, the seniors graduate, leaving high school to go off and make their own way in the world. It’s an exhilarating and monumental time in their lives, transitioning into adulthood and transforming into who they will become. There are those anxious to leave their high school years behind, and those who are somber at the thought, but all are headed to a better and brighter future that awaits them outside these walls.  

As the end of the year approaches, I’ve found myself growing dismayed over the thought of so many people I’ve formed connections with going away. It’s a frightening thought as well to come to the realization that one day, it will be me who leaves. However, over time I’ve learned that in life we cannot become disheartened because of change, but instead we must embrace it.  

The seniors themselves may be leaving, but the impact they had stays with us. People come into our lives, and people leave, but all of them leave behind a legacy. Whether it be skills they taught us, like dancing in a musical number, or the advice they give, like how to stay true to what you know is right, all the seniors I’ve connected with this year had a greater impact than any of them could possibly imagine. 

There are much greater aspects of life awaiting us after high school, but for now, this is our time to grow, live while we’re young, and embrace the way life is constantly changing. Then when we graduate, we can look back and realize how much we have changed along with it. The thought of growing up can be intimidating, and the thought of losing people can be heartbreaking, but overall, as much as change can be hard, it’s the only way for us to grow.  

I am so thankful for the seniors this year, and for all the knowledge and memories they have left with me. My greatest hope for them as they head out to face the adventure of a lifetime, is that they can look back on their high school years with fondness. My prayer is that when they remember all they experienced these four years, trials as well as the fun, and believe that it’s been worth it. 

No matter how hard it may have been at times, they are who they are today because of what they overcame. My hope is that I too can look back one day and know that everything was worth it.