Taking a shot

Senior golfer leads team


Senior Montana DiLeo will continue her golf career at Lamar University after graduating this year.

Savannah Crabtree

Senior Montana DiLeo is one of LCM’s lead golfers, with low scores all around. Last April, she won the Region III Title by five strokes and has placed first in multiple tournaments throughout her golfing career in high school. Her goals for this season include winning district as a team and qualifying for regionals and state. 

DiLeo started playing golf in fifth grade. She originally played softball, but did not like the sport. 

“My dad told me I needed to choose another sport if I wanted to quit,” Dileo said. “One day, we were watching the Masters and I decided I wanted to try golf. My dad got me a lesson the next day.” 

According to DiLeo, she was not naturally talented at golf at first. At her first tournament, she shot a 66 for 9 holes, while placing 4th out of four people. Her current best is 67 for 18 holes.  

“It took a lot of practice, patience, and determination to get to where I am now,” DiLeo said.  

According to DiLeo, her parents and coaches are what motivate her the most. She is constantly trying to beat her best scores and after rounds, will go back and see what can be improved.  

DiLeo loves how every course is different and brings on new challenges. She also enjoys the people she meets in pairings. To her, the most challenging part of golf is staying focused and present. 

“I get really anxious before tournaments but Coach Harrell is always there to keep me calm, relaxed, and focused,” DiLeo said. “She is my personal hype-man.”  

After graduating from high school, DiLeo will continue playing golf at Lamar University.  

“I love my team and our coaches,” DiLeo said. “Go Bears!”