Cheer, drill team tryouts to be held


Cheer tryouts will be held this Friday, March 11.

Marshall S. Braus, writer

Cheer will host tryouts for the 2022-2023 season this Friday, March 11. Tryouts will be held at the high school.

According to cheer sponsor Brandy Cricchio, those trying out need to be able to pick up on choreography easily and they need to know how to execute toe touches, hurdlers, pikes, and herkies. They must also make sure their motions are sharp when executing cheers, chants or band dances. They also need to know how to have a loud voice when yelling cheers and chants.

The tryouts will be composed of three different parts, starting with the entrance jumps, tumbling and chants. The second part will be the cheering part. The third and final part will be the band chant, which is a sideline dance.

Cricchio said some of the qualities they look for in LCM cheerleaders are positive school spirit, someone who is willing to learn, put in hard work, and who is enthusiastic about school spirit. Mandatory practices are being held this week, which is where participants will learn the three components of the tryouts. On Thursday, mock tryouts will be held in front of three judges, and the actual tryouts will be held on Friday. There are a total of 16 spots available on varsity and junior varsity.

Honey Bear tryouts will be held March 21-24 at the high school. According to Honey Bear sponsor Mikayla Wappler, participants will be judged based on their academics, discipline, and dance abilities. Participants must also be able to perform a short jazz combination with a single turn, right leap, right kick and other skills like a kick combination, and be able to do a right and left leg split.

As far as how many students are accepted on the squad, it will vary on the scores. The Honey Bear sponsors are looking for members that can accept constructive criticism, possess a positive attitude, are cooperative with others, and have school spirit. They want a team that will be dedicated and work hard to achieve goals and strive to dance their best during every performance.