A crystal clear business

Sophomore makes, sells jewelry


Photo courtesy of Zoey Royer

Sophomore Zoey Royer is the proud owner of EarthRockz Jewelry.

Rayna Christy, Writer

The average high schooler’s schedule is typically piled high with schoolwork, extracurriculars, and sports. However, one student has decided to add a more unique aspect to her life. 

Sophomore Zoey Royer has her own small business, named EarthRockz Jewelry. She hand-makes crystal jewelry, with pieces ranging from rings to necklaces. She sells these on her Instagram page. In order to purchase, customers may message her through the account.  

“I’ve always enjoyed the idea of creating something and selling it,” Royer said. “I felt starting my own business would help me express myself in ways others can enjoy also.” 

Knowing that she wanted to show her creativity, she looked to the influences in her life. Those influences gave her the idea to start her business. 

“There is one very special YouTuber and creator that inspired me a lot during our quarantine,” Royer said. “Her name is trippydraws, and she sells canvases and pretty much anything you can think of on Etsy. She has a very free spirit, which I love about her.” 

Although she works hard to be professional when it comes to her business, there are cons to being so young. Time and respect are issues that can affect her. 

“You have to really be confident about your work and realize that some people might not take you seriously because of your age,” Royer said. “You really just have to remember how much time, effort, and emotions you put into your items.” 

I’ve learned I really enjoy helping others and putting smiles on their faces.

Despite the chance of judgment, Royer also has people who are on her side. Her support system helps to balance out any negativity. 

“My biggest supporter would have to be my mom,” Royer said. “She has always encouraged me to pursue my small business and to do what I love, and love what I do.” 

Royer also has a few words of advice to any other kids who want to start their own business. 

“I have a lot of advice to give, but the two that really have to be said is don’t buy too much to start off with,” Royer said. “Only buy what you absolutely need. Second, don’t get discouraged if you don’t have the motivation to keep going one day. Don’t stress yourself out because then it won’t be something you love to do anymore.” 

According to Royer, having her own business has taught her many valuable life lessons that she will need once she graduates.

“It has helped me learn how to manage my money and save it,” she said. “It also helps me learn how to deal with people in a professional manner. Having my business has taught me a lot about what I enjoy to do. I’ve learned that I love to speak and provide inspiration for others, so they too can have what their heart desires. I’ve learned I really enjoy helping others and putting smiles on their faces.”