FCCLA re-introduced to campus


Elaina Forester, Editor

A new organization has been recently re-introduced to the campus. FCCLA is a club specifically geared toward students involved in family or computer science classes. It provides opportunities for students to compete in various events that require skills attained through these career targeted classes. 

FCCLA stands for: Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. It promotes leadership skills and helps students connect with others who share the same interests as themselves. 

Students who are in a Family and Consumer Science class, and are looking to be connected with fellow peers to learn and grow in order to be successful in their future should join this group,” FCCLA sponsor Jennifer Seago said. 

This organization helps students to be well rounded.”

— Jennifer Seago

Not only does this organization sharpen certain beneficial skills for students, it also provides opportunities for members to earn scholarships. These scholarships are helpful for families of students involved in FCCLA, given that any scholarship would shave off the inevitably high cost of college. 

“There are scholarships available through FCCLA,” Sego said. “Students must compete and place at competition in order to receive scholarships.” 

The competition held by this club involves several different events. These events each highlight a different set of skills that students acquire through joining this group. Some of which involve community outreach. This helps to prepare students for real world situations. 

“Students are able to compete in several different events, from cupcake decorating, toy inventions, community outreach programs and so much more,” Seago said. “Having students compete gives them the experience to speak in front of an audience, teaches students leadership skills and exposes them to real-life situations. This organization helps students to be well-rounded and helps to set them up for success in their future.”