From megaphone to mellophone

Freshman juggles cheer with band


Photo courtesy of LCM Yearbook

Freshman Kyndall Davis is a cheerleader and also marches in the Battlin’ Bear Band.

Camille Kelly, Writer

From the sidelines to the bleachers and from holding pom-poms to a mellophone, between playing an instrument in band and cheering on football players at every game, freshman Kyndall Davis’ schedule is always busy. 

This year, Davis decided to commit to both band and JV cheer. Between band practice, cheer practice, and sports, she is constantly planning and working hard to do her best in all her extracurricular activities.  

“It’s hard balancing them,” Davis said of juggling cheer and band. “You have to communicate well between your coaches and director and tell them your schedule ahead of time so that you can keep up with everything. It definitely pushes you to work harder.”  

Davis has a lot more responsibility now that she is committed to so much in high school. She is starting soccer soon, and will have to coordinate all her practices, while she continues to keep up with her grades and schoolwork.  

I have friends in both activities, and everyone is very supportive.”

“Life has gotten a lot busier,” Davis said. “Every weekend I have something going on. However, school comes first. You learn a lot from doing so much, and it builds a strong work ethic.” 

Davis said she depends a lot on her peers to help her transition between cheer and band. Sometimes she asks friends to bring her band instrument for her to band when she is busy with cheer.  

“I have friends in both activities, and everyone is very supportive,” Davis said. “I feel like all of us are like a family. Everyone is very accepting no matter who you are, and we are all good friends.” 

Davis said she is glad she decided to do both band and cheer, even if that means she must work extra hard to keep up with the two. 

“I just want what’s best for both,” Davis said. “I was working hard in band during competition, but still, I didn’t leave cheer out. Unless there is something conflicting, I don’t have to choose between them.” 

Davis would encourage other students to do multiple extracurricular activities if they are willing to work hard. 

“It’s so much fun doing both,” Davis said. “It teaches you not to slack off, and you learn so much, while making lots of memories.”