Small acts of kindness can have big impact


Camille Kelly, Writer

The smallest acts of kindness can have the greatest impact on people. That one instance when a person said or did something to reach out can change person’s day – or even their life.  

Extraordinary acts of kindness can happen unexpectedly in the most ordinary of places. When I was in about sixth grade, my dad and I were eating in a local Denny’s. I have enjoyed writing stories for fun since a young age, so I had brought some paper and a story writing guide with me to do some writing while our food was being cooked. Our waiter was a young woman who looked to be about in her twenties. She saw what I was doing and immediately became anxious to talk to me and ask me questions about my story. It turns out that she, too, had always dreamt of being an author, and she was working at Denny’s to pay the bills while she went after her dream of finally attempting to publish her first novel. To this day, I wish I had remembered her name, because after that day I never saw her again. 

But, she left me with more than just that brief conversation. 

At last, we were leaving the restaurant and the waitress brought our receipt just before leaving abruptly. My dad smiled when he saw it, and passed it over to me. The mystery waitress, which is the title I gave her, had left me one last word of advice.  

The art of writing is the art of discovery.  

I hope to see your name on a book one day. ?”  

I wasn’t able to keep that receipt, but to this day I still remember her exact words. Wherever she is now, I hope she published that novel she told me about, and I wish that I could see her again one day to tell her how many times those words have motivated me to keep working towards dreams. 

This experience, although the interaction was small, has had a lasting impact on my life. Remember to always be kind, because you never know how you might be affecting someone else’s day. You never know when you might become someone else’s mystery waitress.