Bear of the Week: Kaitlyn Ewing


Elaina Forester

Senior Kaitlyn Ewing is involved in several different organizations and always has a smile on her face.

Savannah Crabtree, Writer

Senior Kaitlyn Ewing is involved in multiple activities, including varsity basketball, tennis, HOSA, NHS, Student Council, and Bear Believers. She said she strives to be a dependable and trustworthy person.

Ewing looks up to her mother because she is the most hard working and loving person she knows. In the future, she wants to become a nurse and help people. Her favorite quote is, “If it’s really important to you, you don’t quit. You keep going, no matter how hard it gets.” This saying gives her the motivation to keep going. 

She is kind, compassionate, and always there when someone needs her.”

— Michelle Courmier

Outside of school, Ewing likes to watch TV and hang out with friends. She especially likes to watch “Jurassic Park” and “90210.” Some of the most important things in Ewing’s life are God, her family, and her friends.

According to her Pharmacology and Health Science Theory teacher Tara Parsons, Ewing is the type of student who always walks into the classroom with a big smile on her face.

“She is a genuinely good person and I’m so glad I have her in class,” Parsons said.

History teacher Michelle Courmier echoes the same sentiment, that Ewing radiates positivity.

“Kaitlyn is someone who, no matter the day or the situation, is always upbeat and positive,” Courmier said. “She is kind, compassionate, and always there when someone needs her.”