Going the distance

Staff writer shares cross country journey, recent success


Junior Marshall Braus gives insight into his cross country journey to success.

Marshall S. Braus, Writer

It was mid race in Barbers Hill and I was in 12th place when I felt a sudden burst of energy. I used that energy to push myself to move up to 10th and held that until the last 400 meters, when I pushed myself and started moving up in positions. At 200 meters left, I had caught 9th place and there was a gap between 9th and 8th. I pushed myself harder to make up as much ground between the 8th place runner and me, and by the time I was right behind him, we had crossed the finish line.

Over the course of the past year, I have worked extremely hard to improve my cross country times and places. My plan began this past summer, when I started getting into shape. I ran practicing with a soccer ball and spent most of my days outside working on my touches and countless hours of running nonstop, back and forth. Eventually, I lost the soccer ball and started running longer amounts of times.

I push my entire team to better themselves.

I had planned to try for Regionals this year, but as the season started and I saw how much better I had gotten in the summer, I changed my plan to work harder to try to make State either as a team or as a single runner. I have spent many extra hours of running to prepare myself for district and I have set goals and beat personal records this year. This year’s season seems to be a good year for all of us. I have set an example for our new freshmen to push themselves throughout the race.

At the same time, I push my entire team to better themselves. I also push junior Keiffer Reed to keep up with me and he pushes me to keep up with him. I have put many years into this moment of bettering myself and setting goals to finally accomplish my goals. As a junior, being able to see success is worth putting in all the effort I have over the years. I have been running since 7th grade and since then, I have dreamed of placing in the top 10 or to be up in the final places, and I have finally made that dream a reality.