Drum majors lead the way for Battlin’ Bear Band


This year’s drum majors are Michael Vu, Kaylee Potter, and Matalyn Hill.

Elaina Forester, Editor

It’s Friday night at the football stadium. First half has come to an end, and the band is gearing up for the halftime show. Leading band members through this performance are drum majors Matalyn Hill, Kaylee Potter, and Michael Vu. These leaders have put countless hours of hard work into ensuring this year’s show is outstanding amongst all the rest.  

“I am very excited for this year’s show,” senior Matalyn Hill said. “I hope that we do well this season.” 

I am very excited for this year’s show.”

— Matalyn Hill

It takes a lot of courage and determination to take on a role as a leader to other students. It can be an intimidating task at times. Taking on the role of drum major comes with new responsibilities and more pressure to perform well. It takes a lot of encouragement from family, friends, and classmates to step into this position. 

“My grandma was my biggest inspiration to try out for this role,” Kaylee Potter said. “She always encouraged me to live up to my potential and do my best.” 

Although being drum major is rewarding and enjoyable, there are struggles that come along with this title. Juggling the responsibilities of a drum major along with school and other activities can be a daunting task. It requires a lot of discipline and determination. The most difficult aspects of this job varies in opinion between these three leaders.  

“The most difficult part about my role as drum major is handling my mental illness,” Michael Vu said. “Being drum major requires me to keep my anxiety under control in order to make sure my responsibilities as drum major are being carried out.” 

Just as there are difficulties that come along with this job, there are aspects of it that are rewarding and joyous. It comes in moments where all the hard work put into the show pieces together beautifully, and when band members come together as one to perform. 

“I would say the most rewarding part about being drum major is getting to know everyone in band and build relationships,” Hill said. 

The music is very technical and requires a lot of skill.”

— Michael Vu

As individuals who hold such high leadership roles in the band, it is important for each drum major to have a goal in mind of how they want to impact the group. This provides these three individuals with  something to work towards in order to better the band. 

“This year, I hope to teach members how to be united despite our differences,” Potter said. “We always have a choice to make, and when we choose to respect others and work together, we will succeed.” 

Overall, the drum majors and band members are very excited for this year’s show. It moves at a fun and different pace that will excite everyone who has the chance to hear it. 

“The music is very technical and requires a lot of skill,” Vu said. “I am eager to hear the progress that our band makes through this season.”