Meant to serve

Former Marine makes impact as teacher, coach


LeAnn Rodgers

Christopher Coats was in the Marine Corps before becoming a teacher and coach.

Marshall S. Braus, Writer

For history teacher Christopher Coats, he has always known that no matter what field he chose to work in, he wanted to serve. Before starting his career as a teacher and coach, he served in the Marine Corps.

“I love my country and felt a sense of responsibility to serve,” Coats said. “We live in the freest nation in the world. The only way to keep it that way is to have a standing military.”

Coats was in the Marines for one enlistment and a total of four years before transitioning over to the education field. He said more than anything, he enjoyed his brothers he met along the way.

I love my country and felt a sense of responsibility to serve.”

“It was being on the ultimate team,” he said. “We did everything together. We are still the same today.”

According to Coats, he highly recommends joining the military, for those young adults who may not be sure about what they want to do in the future.

“Most jobs that people go to college and technical colleges for, you can do in the military and get paid to learn that skill instead of paying for a 2-to-4 year tuition,” he said. “Plus, you get the GI Bill to use if you decide to go to college. Going to the military will better a person in all aspects of their life.”

While Coats initially thought he would make a career out of the military and then go into law enforcement, those plans changed when he decided to make the jump into the education field.

“The coaches and teachers I had growing up inspired me to become a coach and a teacher,” he said.

Coats started his teaching career at Jasper and has also taught in Manor, Warren, Kirbyville, and most recently West Brook before he became a Battlin’ Bear. Even though this is his first year at LCM, this is his 14th year as a teacher and coach. Coats said he took this job because new athletic director Eric Peevey asked him to come with him, after they both worked at West Brook together.

“I love working with him,” Coats said. “He is one of the best head football coaches in the state.”

According to Coats, he plans on helping improve the athletic program by coaching and teaching like his life depends on it every day and will be a Battlin’ Bear for as long as God wants him here.

“I love it,” Coats said. “The administration is great and so are the students. Before our staff is done at LCM, we will win a State Championship in football.”