Assistant principal joins high school staff


LeAnn Rodgers

After working at the junior high for several years, Leah LeBouef has now taken on the role of assistant principal at the high school.

LeAnn Rodgers, Photo Editor

There is a new, yet familiar face on campus this year.

After working at Little Cypress Junior High for 28 years, Leah LeBouef has recently taken on the role of assistant principal at the high school.

“Mr. (Ryan) DuBose and I worked together at LCJH and I knew it would be a fun change for me,” she said.

One of LeBouef’s primary duties in her new role is being responsible for the discipline on campus. She also serves as the campus safety coordinator and is assigned to all freshmen, sophomore, and junior students whose last name begins with L-Z.

“So far, so good,” LeBouef said of her time at the high school. “I have enjoyed getting to know the campus and teachers. I am still learning. My favorite thing would be working with a team instead of working on my own.”

According to LeBouef, she hopes to add some stability to the discipline system by helping fellow assistant principals, Wayne Stephenson and Lisa Stephenson.

I have enjoyed getting to know the campus and teachers.

— Leah LeBouef

“The discipline aspect is basically the same since we all use the same guidelines,” LeBouef said when comparing the high school to the junior high. “The students at the high school are more mature.”

Although an average day at the high school varies daily, LeBouef said she usually starts her day working on any referrals that came at the end of the previous school day.

“I try to monitor the halls during each transition,” she said. “I do lunch duty each day with the other campus admin. The afternoon is spent handling discipline and preparing for the next day.”

LeBouef said one thing she has learned about being an assistant principal is that sometimes she has to know how to bring calm to the situation at hand.

When she is not at school, she said she loves spending time outside working in her yard and also spending time with her family.

“I go to the beach every chance I get,” she said.

LeBouef remains optimistic about her new position and is welcoming this change and all that comes with it.

“I am excited to see the school spirit and support campus wide,” she said. “I am looking forward to a new challenge.”