Beloved LCM employee to retire this year


LeAnn Rodgers

After a long and happy career at LCM, Gail Vincent will retire at the end of this school year.

LeAnn Rodgers, Writer

For Gail Vincent, her time at the high school has been more than just a job. She has spent the past 14 years making a difference in the lives of both LCM students and teachers.

After working in education since the 1980s, Vincent has plans to retire at the end of this school year. For the past few years, she has worked in the PASS (Positive Approach to Student Success) classroom, where she helps struggling students find their way and learn how to succeed in high school. During her time working at the high school, Vincent has formed many meaningful relationships with her students.

“I have enjoyed seeing the students grow from freshmen to seniors,” she said.

Vincent was married to her husband for 33 years before he passed and together they had four children. Today, she enjoys eight grandchildren and now one great-grandchild. Upon retiring, she plans on traveling a bit, relaxing, and visiting family. She has a son who lives in Hawaii and some relatives in Louisiana and Texas, and she currently has plans to move to Burton this summer to live closer to some of her family there.

“I enjoy being with family when not at work, but I may have to do some volunteering after my move to stay busy,” she said.

Vincent said she will miss seeing all of the students in the hallways, as well as her co-workers and hearing principal Ryan DuBose’s “joke of the day” on the morning announcements.

She hopes to leave an impression on the students she has gotten to know over the years.

“I would just like each of you to know that when things go wrong, believe that this is just a curve in the road to success,” she said.