Athletic director looks ahead to retirement

Athletic director looks ahead to retirement

Elaina Forester, Social Media Editor

After many years of dedication to the LCM football program, athletic director and head football coach Randy Crouch will retire at the end of this school yearFootball has been a big part of his life for 55 years, both playing and coaching. Although it will be difficult for many of his athletes and co-workers to see him go, his time here has made an impact on many young adults’ lives. 

“I hope that my players learned more than football,” Crouch said. “I want them to be role models, good students, good citizens, to be good parents, good husbands, and to be good leaders in their community.” 

According to Crouch, his choice to retire was not a simple thing to do. It took lots of thought and time weighing out the long-term effects of leaving. While coaching is an exciting job, it can also become draining. It was important to Crouch to take notice of when enough was enough. 

“I know that I will miss some of the things about coaching and others I won’t miss at all,” Crouch said. “With me it got to the point where winning wasn’t enough and this game, at times, can consume you.” 

Retirement will allow Crouch a lot of downtime to enjoy things that were not possible to do while working. Most of this time is usually spent on reconnecting with family and close friends. It can also leave time for reflection and pondering of the past and the futureThis is especially helpful when trying to decide how to spend the many years ahead without the responsibility of an everyday job. 

“I plan on taking some time to examine some things,” Crouch said. “I need to spend time with my family and start enjoying other things.” 

To Crouch, the life lessons his players take away from football is an important reflection of his coaching. Not only has he aspired to be a great coach, but a great mentor as well. He has held onto a strong desire to help mold his students into well-rounded young men on and off the field. 

“I hope that the players learned more than football from me,” Crouch said. “Because there is so much more. I will miss all the great friendships that I have made through the years and the wonderful people of this district.”