Freshman juggles high school, college classes


LeAnn Rodgers

Freshman Sarah juggles high school and college classes.

LeAnn Rodgers, Writer

For many high schoolers, balancing their every day classes is hard enough but for freshman Sarah Howell, she has learned how to juggle both high school and college so she can have the best future possible.

Howell is currently enrolled in a program at the Lamar Institute of Technology, which allows high school students to get a head start on a college degree. She started taking college classes in 8th grade and this semester makes one full year. Howell is working on her associates degree in criminal justice and so far has taken classes in humanities, sociology, fundamentals of criminal justice, as well as an introduction to criminal justice. She is currently enrolled in a philosophy class.

“I am the youngest to attend (the program) so far, and the first student in high school that LIT has seen go for a full degree,” Howell said.

According to Howell, she plans on one day getting a bachelors degree in criminal justice and wanted to get a running start on that path.

“Going to law school is a long and hard road so I decided to get a head start,” she said.

Howell said she decided to enroll in the LIT program after talking it over with her mom and getting some advice from those who work at the college.

“My mom and I talked about summer courses but after talking to advisors we realized the best way to go was to simply go for a full degree instead of just a couple of courses,” she said.

Howell said taking college classes requires more patience and higher thinking skills and is a bigger commitment than an average high school class. So far, she has learned how to juggle taking both types of classes and said it has gotten easier over time.

“It is not that hard,” she said. “When I started it was difficult but the more time I spend on it, the easier both commitments become. I have a great support system with an amazing advisor who has helped me decide what is next. The best part about college is definitely proving people who said I was going to fail completely wrong.”