Hospitality teacher adjusts to high school campus


Marshall Braus

Devyn Duhon is teaching on the high school campus after working in elementary education for the past four years.

Katlyn Owens, Writer

Devyn Duhon is among one of the new teachers at the high school this year. Duhon has been teaching for five years, all of which have been in the LCM district. She graduated from LCM in 2011 and received her bachelors degree from Lamar University. 

Before starting at the high school, Duhon taught at Mauriceville Elementary for two years and then Little Cypress Elementary for two years. She decided to pursue a career in education because of all those who influenced her in the classroom.

I had amazing teachers when I went through school and I come from a family of teachers,” Duhon said. “I guess it was kind of in my blood. To me, teaching is one of the greatest acts of service one can do, and I love to help others learn.

Duhon teaches Hospitality, as well as Fashion Design 1 and 2, where she gets to help pass on her love of sewing to her students. 

“I have a passion for sewing and I am super excited to pass on that skill to others and hopefully spark a passion for them too,” she said. “My Fashion 2 girls just finished a really cute duffel bag. It was a more challenging project for them but they did amazing! My Fashion 1 students are working on their first sewing project right now, which is a pair of pajama pants. They have all shown an eagerness to learn and I know they will turn out great.”

According to Duhon, her favorite part of teaching hospitality is seeing students start to really think about their futures and the steps they need to take in order to achieve their goals.

“We do a lot of career exploration and it can be a real eye opener for some students,” Duhon said. 

Duhon has had to learn how to adjust in certain areas this year, including virtual learning and teaching at a different grade level.

“I think the biggest challenge teaching at a new school has been learning how to reach high school students,” she said. “It is very different from elementary. A lot of the projects that I would typically do in class have had to be converted to digital so my virtual students can participate. This year has been a learning experience for everyone, but I am happy to be teaching and learning new technology skills.”

Outside of school, Duhon said she enjoys sewing. She also recently took up quilting so she is having fun learning and figuring that out.

“I also love to just spend time with my family,” she said. “I have a two year old boy named Davis so we spend a lot of time outside playing.”

So far, Duhon said she has enjoyed getting to meet so many new people on the high school campus.

I have enjoyed getting to meet so many new people, from students to coworkers,” she said. “Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I also love the school spirit shown each week, especially the Bear square pep rallies.”