Bear of the Week: Traevin Nelms


LeAnn Rodgers

Senior Traevin Nelms is the brass captain of the Battin’ Bear Band and enjoys making music.

Kaila Low, Managing Editor

Senior Traevin Nelms is the brass captain of the Battlin’ Bear Band and said he looks up to the director, Jose Ochoa. According to Nelms, Ochoa is one of the greatest leaders and friends he has ever had. One of his many hobbies is making music. Since the start of this year, he has created over 200 songs.

“It’s amazing how music can captivate your emotions and make you feel a certain way,” Nelms said. “I’m a musical artist.”

Nelms’ favorite genre of film is horror and his favorite movie is “Scream (1996)”. He enjoys spending time with “the boys,” Jesse Doucette and Ayaan Tejani. Among his friends, his brother and his family are also very important to him.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for them,” Nelms said.

Nelms said he does not really enjoy reading, but he does enjoy poetry. According to Nelms, he does not really care how other people view him; he just wants to be a good guy and stay true to who he is. His main motivation is to be better than who he was yesterday in anything he does.

“I love LCM,” Nelms said. “I love leading people to success.”