Bear of The Week: Carter Foreman


Emily Day

Freshman Carter Foreman likes to play basketball and baseball.

Marshall S. Braus, Writer

Freshman Carter Foreman is involved in basketball and baseball, where he has played several positions such as pitcher, catcher, short stop, and first base. Foreman said he looks up to his poppa because he is an honest, hard working, loving Christian man. His poppa is always willing to help and puts everyone else before himself.

Foreman said he wants to portray his Christian beliefs to those around him. His favorite quote is, “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” He said he stays motivated by what the outcome of something is.

His favorite movies are “13 hours” and “American Sniper” and his favorite TV show is “All American.” He spends his free time fishing, hunting, hanging out with friends and going to the lake. The three things that are most important to him are his family, faith, and friends.